"To our Gorgeous Giggling Scottish Granny" - Letter from Katz Cowley

To our Gorgeous Giggling Scottish Granny,

It is hard to know how to begin to say thank you for the unimaginable tidal wave of Wonkyness that has been unleashed in the afterglow of your sweet, personal moment captured, in reading The Wonky Donkey to your beautiful Grandson, Archer.

The infectious laughter that you have rippled out into the world, is the foundation that has carried Wonky forward to new levels of love and enjoyment and I want to acknowledge that the laughter you have brought to us all, is such a fitting reminder to us all to lighten up when we can take life all too seriously, and just remember to laugh!


It was saddening for me to return to the UK after 16 years away, and discover that there was rarely even a whiff of Wonky to be found on UK bookshelves, or even in print most of the time, which meant that a lot of the work I do, connected to my books and getting out there, creatively inspiring people (on the wings of that), went into the shadows.

This delightful moment captured, has touched us all and literally sent laughter around the world as well as a Wonky wave!

You really have become Wonky's Guardian Granny, in enabling him to find a wider place in the world to be seen, and carry forth his message, embodying his strength of spirit undefeated by anything in life, and reminding us of that in ourselves, all carried out in a wave of laughter!

With endless gratitude for all that you have done for Wonky to be more widely known!

Here's acknowledging you, and the strength of spirit within us all!

Katz & Wonky


The Scottish Granny reads The Wonky Donkey.(For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com)

Letter from KatzKatz Cowley